Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Way To Go Division PR Team !!!

We began with the end in mind. We kept it as a vivid goal to position our division internally, regionally and internationally. With the Toastmaster Magazine June issue our goal was achieved with standing ovation.  In this issue you will find a coverage of our Division Governor ACS/ CL  Yassir Abdulla Sulaiman who shared with TM Magazine his extended association with Toastmasters and the rewarding impact toastmasters has brought to his personal & professional life and  how it enabled him to touch to transform.  Enjoy reading this issue which each toastmaster in Oman should keep for years to come because it reflects the Toastmasters’ community in Oman.
This noticeable recognition speaks louder than words about the achievements our Division has made. It speaks louder that our division is known internationally as well.
Through all of you let me extend my heartfelt Congratulation and gratitude for the super stars of  the division PR Team TM Shakir Alansari of New Tracks Toastmasters & Sujith S K  of SBG toastmasters. Brothers you are indispensable. You two made our creative touch so tasty & rewarding.
Besides I want to thank the division Council, Presidents, VPPRs and each and every toastmaster for believing, supporting and inspiring us.
It was a journey of stretching to excel made possible by passion to serve with love and affection. Thanks a million louder & louder and louder. May almighty Bless us all.

Monday, May 27, 2013



The Division D Toastmaster Community would like to convey its sincere condolences to TM Rajendra Varma on the passing away of his nephew. May the Almighty grant his strength and patience to him and his family to deal with this untimely loss.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Congratulations TM Ehsan Jalal !!!

We congratulate TM Ehsan Jalal from Ray International Toastmasters Club, Area 67, on sucessfully achieving the Competent Communicator title. Best of luck on all your future endeavors TM Ehsan.


Memorable Moments with TM Sharda Daga

A brand new feature in our Division D blog takes flight today with TM Sharda Daga sharing her journey on the Toastmasters path of growth and success.

Share this interesting experience as articulated by TM Saleh al Khamyasi on Memorable Moments

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Moment of Pride with philanthropic Venkat

CC/CL Venkatraman is a multi talented toastmaster whose philosophy in life  has  four dimensions - Personal , Professional , spiritual and giving back to society.  With a broad smile, he looks at those who interacts with and advise them to be flexible and give time as per the need of the day. He is a Chartered Accountant specialized in Cost Accounting and hails from Mumbai.  

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish along with his wife Neela an IT Business solution firm “Mohammed Al Humaidi Computers LLC in 1991 in Dubai. Besides, he is a humble beginner in giving back to society with his initiative .His Initiatives serves in the field of education  and SAVING THE PLANET.

TM Venkat is a Rotarian, a member of IBPC and Dubai Chamber of Commerce, ICAI Dubai and a member of CSR committee ICAI Dubai
He is a generous man at heart and a poet with rich feelings and fertile imagination. He published for private circulation three poems collections. His gifted talents include being an amateur Painter. His motto is “Be selfless and do not expect any gratification/recognition: Seva is Dharma

Let us Talk, contacted this unique personality the minute we came to know that he is being announced as philanthropic partner in DTAC 2013 and invited him for an interview to share his toastmaster as well as philanthropic experience.

Energetic Hala: An Aspiring Toastmaster

Hala   is young, energetic and passionate Toastmaster. She had a humble beginning just like most of her fellow toastmasters around the world but the leap and progress she has made is phenomenal.  From a member, to a sergeant at Arams and now at the helm of her club as president of Omantel Toastmasters Club CC/CL Hala  Albalushi is an attestation of what toastmasters can bring about in an individual’s life.

As a mother of two lovely kids Alqaisar 8 years old and Mays 5 years old, she firmly believes in the importance of work- life balance.TM Hala works as Business support manager in  the Human Resources Division at Omantel. She takes pride to be the founder and creative director of Hala Trading which has been operating for the last 8 years.

Let us Talk met this energetic and passionate and took a chance of her presence at OTAC 2013. We approached her for an interview so that she can share her toastmaster’s experience. She smiled and welcomed our invitation wholeheartedly.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Area 64- Well Deserved Choice

Heartfelt congratulation TM Alex Crasta for being elected Area Governor for Area 64. TM Alex Crasta is a seasoned Toastmasters who fills the hearts of all those who know him with a sense of appreciation. We wish him all the best in serving his area and division to the best of his abilities.
TM Alex Crasta