Division D Theme

Touch To Transform 
July 2012- June 2013

Fellow Toastmasters,

Let me start by extending   a hearty congratulations for our Past Division Governor DTM  Mohammed Salar for the commendable achievements  he and the rest of the team  brought to Division D. Indeed they took it to greater heights   thank you DTM Mohammed & Team. We also like to congratulate him for being appointed as the District Secretary way to go, another added support to Division D indeed.

TM Yasser Sulaiman
Division D Governor 2012-2013
Our theme for this year will be “Touch to transform”. It is only when the vision is crystal clear  the efforts can be well focused and effectively utilized  not only to maintain the current achievement but again take it from great to excellent & unique.

Today we have started a new phase of our personal growth journey in which we have taken the responsibilities to help, motivate  and guide our fellow toastmasters through their learning endeavor, they have trusted us to lead them on the path of communication and leadership development for the coming  twelve months. 

In addition to  the highly  seasoned area governors  who will inject enthusiasm and inspiration within their various clubs and share their expertise  for the benefit of the Division at large, an experienced and committed toastmasters have been appointed to assist us in meeting members expectations  in the below mentioned posts:

·         Assistant Governor  Education and Training: DTM Gurbinder Singh Punn,
·         Assistant Governor marketing : TM Mahmood Ismail Al-Qassab
·         Division PRO: TM Saleh Abdullah Al-Khamyasi
·         Division Secretary : MTM Latha Gururaj
·         DIvision Treasurer: TM Kannan Raj Gopal

Respected Area Governors, you have, already, exhibited commendable dedication to present clubs and members with learning opportunities and I am certain, with the extended Division office, together we will take Division D to a higher level of success by touching more lives and transforming paths. By making them realize their true potential and empowering them to be confident and gain leadership skills to serve their communities and humanity at large in a positive, constructive and practical manner.  

Let us cascade down our theme to reach each and every member. This theme should find its place in the session agenda , invocation, table topics, theme of the day, contests and officers training etc.  We have a beautiful rainbow through which we all can make productive and positive difference …

I wish you all a very prosperous, enriching and engaging year.

Best Regards

Yasser Abdulla Sulaiman
Division Governor
Touch  to Transform