Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Way To Go Division PR Team !!!

We began with the end in mind. We kept it as a vivid goal to position our division internally, regionally and internationally. With the Toastmaster Magazine June issue our goal was achieved with standing ovation.  In this issue you will find a coverage of our Division Governor ACS/ CL  Yassir Abdulla Sulaiman who shared with TM Magazine his extended association with Toastmasters and the rewarding impact toastmasters has brought to his personal & professional life and  how it enabled him to touch to transform.  Enjoy reading this issue which each toastmaster in Oman should keep for years to come because it reflects the Toastmasters’ community in Oman.
This noticeable recognition speaks louder than words about the achievements our Division has made. It speaks louder that our division is known internationally as well.
Through all of you let me extend my heartfelt Congratulation and gratitude for the super stars of  the division PR Team TM Shakir Alansari of New Tracks Toastmasters & Sujith S K  of SBG toastmasters. Brothers you are indispensable. You two made our creative touch so tasty & rewarding.
Besides I want to thank the division Council, Presidents, VPPRs and each and every toastmaster for believing, supporting and inspiring us.
It was a journey of stretching to excel made possible by passion to serve with love and affection. Thanks a million louder & louder and louder. May almighty Bless us all.

Monday, May 27, 2013



The Division D Toastmaster Community would like to convey its sincere condolences to TM Rajendra Varma on the passing away of his nephew. May the Almighty grant his strength and patience to him and his family to deal with this untimely loss.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Congratulations TM Ehsan Jalal !!!

We congratulate TM Ehsan Jalal from Ray International Toastmasters Club, Area 67, on sucessfully achieving the Competent Communicator title. Best of luck on all your future endeavors TM Ehsan.


Memorable Moments with TM Sharda Daga

A brand new feature in our Division D blog takes flight today with TM Sharda Daga sharing her journey on the Toastmasters path of growth and success.

Share this interesting experience as articulated by TM Saleh al Khamyasi on Memorable Moments

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Moment of Pride with philanthropic Venkat

CC/CL Venkatraman is a multi talented toastmaster whose philosophy in life  has  four dimensions - Personal , Professional , spiritual and giving back to society.  With a broad smile, he looks at those who interacts with and advise them to be flexible and give time as per the need of the day. He is a Chartered Accountant specialized in Cost Accounting and hails from Mumbai.  

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish along with his wife Neela an IT Business solution firm “Mohammed Al Humaidi Computers LLC in 1991 in Dubai. Besides, he is a humble beginner in giving back to society with his initiative .His Initiatives serves in the field of education  and SAVING THE PLANET.

TM Venkat is a Rotarian, a member of IBPC and Dubai Chamber of Commerce, ICAI Dubai and a member of CSR committee ICAI Dubai
He is a generous man at heart and a poet with rich feelings and fertile imagination. He published for private circulation three poems collections. His gifted talents include being an amateur Painter. His motto is “Be selfless and do not expect any gratification/recognition: Seva is Dharma

Let us Talk, contacted this unique personality the minute we came to know that he is being announced as philanthropic partner in DTAC 2013 and invited him for an interview to share his toastmaster as well as philanthropic experience.

Energetic Hala: An Aspiring Toastmaster

Hala   is young, energetic and passionate Toastmaster. She had a humble beginning just like most of her fellow toastmasters around the world but the leap and progress she has made is phenomenal.  From a member, to a sergeant at Arams and now at the helm of her club as president of Omantel Toastmasters Club CC/CL Hala  Albalushi is an attestation of what toastmasters can bring about in an individual’s life.

As a mother of two lovely kids Alqaisar 8 years old and Mays 5 years old, she firmly believes in the importance of work- life balance.TM Hala works as Business support manager in  the Human Resources Division at Omantel. She takes pride to be the founder and creative director of Hala Trading which has been operating for the last 8 years.

Let us Talk met this energetic and passionate and took a chance of her presence at OTAC 2013. We approached her for an interview so that she can share her toastmaster’s experience. She smiled and welcomed our invitation wholeheartedly.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Area 64- Well Deserved Choice

Heartfelt congratulation TM Alex Crasta for being elected Area Governor for Area 64. TM Alex Crasta is a seasoned Toastmasters who fills the hearts of all those who know him with a sense of appreciation. We wish him all the best in serving his area and division to the best of his abilities.
TM Alex Crasta

An Adventurer with Strong Will power: TM Manoj S Ranade

TM Manoj S Ranade has been living in Oman for sixteen years with his wife Nehal. The Couple have two adorable children Kaneesha and Ronith. Manoj hails from Ahmadabad, India. Armed with an MBA in Marketing, a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and extensive professional experience he works at Saud Bahwan Group as Deputy Senior Manager at Ford Sales.


This Toastmaster is serious yet light. He is a go getter with a deft touch of humor. TM Manoj is one of those who are credible because he insists on setting the track right and capitalizing on his own uniqueness. This year he was flitting like a butterfly as a contestant, mentor and dedicated seasoned toastmaster.  Away from the day to day engagement he is passionate about photography and automobiles the two things his wife envies the most simply because they drag him away from home. 

 Let us talk met this passionate toastmaster whose strong determination and will Power set him apart as a role model to share his experience with us. We caught a hold of him at Oman Annual Toastmasters Conference –OTAC 2013 where he was chairing a Table Topic Contest.

Visit the Area 65 Page to read the full interview.....


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Exceptional Style of Tickling Funny Bones: TM Abullah Al Abandi

Hey my friends… it is time to connect with a star.  Our guest this time is a friend from District 79 that is Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yes you guessed it right.

Abdulla Al-Abandi is a Human Resource Consultant by profession, and is currently working as a Supply Chain Consultant in the Strategic Management Office of Materials Supply Organization, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia.

TM Abdulla Al-Abandi
He is a professional speaker who spoke in a number of conferences and is well known for his entertaining presentations. His experience and leadership with Toastmasters have won him many awards in public speaking at the GCC level, including winning the humorous speech category three times. Last year, he participated in the world public speaking championship in Orlando, Florida, as the first Saudi to reach the semi-finals. He won second place in that contest, only one step shy to rank among the top nine finalists in the International Toastmasters speech contest. He has conducted several entertaining workshops on public speaking and humor throughout the Gulf. He is also a professional facilitator who designed and facilitated many change management events at Saudi Aramco. As a toastmaster, he is currently a member of the Dhahran-based Professional Speakers Club.

Click here to read the full interview on Let Us Talk

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Toastmasters International's New Club Mission

Club Mission Statement

We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

OTAC 2013: The Highlight Reel !!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Signing Off with Immense Gratitude

DTM Punn, is undoubtedly an inspirational leader. Those who know him can attest that their relation with him goes beyond the premises of a toastmaster session. He is a brother, a guiding torch and a magnificent inspiration who injects the glimmer of hope in defeated spirits. As an OTAC-2013 Chair his leadership style spoke volume in terms of the positive feedback that participants, toastmasters and visitors of OTAC 2013 has showered us with. Below we post a letter of thanks which reveals an immense gratitude from DTM G.S Punn who is signing off after a grand success and OTAC Saga that will be remembered for years to come.  
Dear OTAC 2013 Team,

The task that we had set out to perform is complete. 
What you have demonstrated in these past few weeks, and today is inspiring and touching. Together we have really orchestrated the symphony of triumph and touched to transform.

Most humbly, I thank you for your leadership and love, that you have given to OTAC 2013 and to me.
I cherish your friendship. 
With best wishes, this is your OTAC 2013 Chairman signing off.
May God Bless us all.


Monday, April 8, 2013

NTI Toastmasters Newsletter: Expression - March 2013

NTI Toastmasters are pleased to announce the publishing of their club newsletter 'Expression' for the month of March 2013. A newsletter which showcases the wealth of talent in the club and takes creativity to the next level.

Click here to read the NTI Newsletter.....


Sunday, April 7, 2013

OTAC 2013 - The Mega Event We Have Been Waiting For !

Friday, March 29, 2013

OTAC 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Evening With A World Champion

Saturday, March 16, 2013

DTM Lance Miller: A World Champion LIVE in Muscat

Dear Toastmasters,

Division D Education & Training Team is very pleased to announce a wonderful learning experience. An evening that you will all remember for the rest of your life.

An evening with World Champion

With great pleasure, Division D and Omantel Toastmasters is organizing a communication workshop with 

2005 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking 
M Lance Miller




DTM Lance Miller is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Food Systems, Economics and Management. is an award winning speaker and trainer. He brings to the podium a unique mix of talent and life experience that has shaped his philosophy and viewpoint of the world.

He shares a perspective of having lived life. In addition to an extensive business background, he has sat atop 14,000 ft. peaks, rafted some of the roughest whitewater in U.S., sailed transatlantic from the Virgin Islands to Norway, piloted his own aircraft hundreds of hours from Northern Michigan to the tip of Key West, scuba dived under the ice of frozen lakes in the dead of winter and twice hitchhiked through Europe. He has traveled extensively and has worked in forwarding numerous international humanitarian causes.

Lance is a member of Toastmasters International and is a Distinguished Toastmaster. He was instrumental in building his home Toastmasters Club, Renaissance Speakers, to the #4 Toastmasters Club in the world. In 2005 he emerged from a field of 28,000 contestants from 90 countries to win the title of the World Champion of Public Speaking.

Event Details

Date : Monday 18th March 2013
Venue : Omantel Corporate Office , Mawaleh (same venue as OTAC 2012)
Time : Registration 6:15 to 7 PM
Workshop 7:00 to 9:30 PM (20 minutes break)

Contribution : 2 OR (To be paid to Club Treasurer and collected by Area Governors post the event. No cash counter at Venue)
Non Toastmasters Guests - OR 5 

The seating capacity of the venue is limited and thus early registration will be helpful to avoid any last minute inconvenience.

You may send in your nominations to Mohd. Ashfaque at email: or GSM: 95332876.

Lets make the most of this once in a lifetime oppurtunity.

Best Regards,

DTM Gurbinder S Punn

Friday, March 15, 2013

District 20 - Riding High !!!

Dear Proactive Leaders,

I would like to thank all the Club Excom, Area Governors and Division Governors who have a put a lot of effort in conducting the COT from the month of December, 2012 to February, 2013. Some Divisions and Areas have even conducted two or three extra COT sessions! This is what we call the passion for commitment and responsibility! 

It is my pride and pleasure to share with you the good news! 


District Leaders- we did it again!!! See you on stage at DTAC 2013!!!

Kindly pass this message on to the Club Excom -thank you.

Best regards,

Maria Victoria Ferrer, DTM, MDC
Lt Governor for Education and Training
District 20
Toastmasters International
Professional Trainer-Consultant
email address:;
Mobile No +962799824845; +962786467639

Area 64 Contest in Pictures

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Achieving with a Sense of Fulfillment: TM Cyprian Misquith

ACG/ALB Area 67 Governor Cyprian Misquith might be one of those who talk less but definitely do more. He is certainly an advocate of action speaks louder than words. His assuring smile gives those who are surrounding him the glimmer of hope and positive energy. His charismatic leadership made him the center of attraction. He looks at glass half full and insists that when the tough get going, the going ought to get tough.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TM Hamdah AlShamsi: A Toastmaster with a Humane Touch

She is a toastmaster who is full of energy and grace. TM Hamdah Alshamsi had an out of the box initiative when she thought of forging a corporate club in The Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI). The birth of PASI Toastmasters made it the second toastmasters’ club in the public sector. Let us Talk features an interview with TM Hamdah is the Area 4 spotlight. Please visit the Area 4 page to read the full interview.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Q&A Session with TM Faye Dunn

Q: When and why did you join Toastmasters?
A: I attended my first Toastmasters meeting in May 2008 as a guest, and became a member three months later. I was a very nervous speaker then, and was frustrated by my mistakes with English grammar. I joined Toastmasters to become a better speaker and to improve my English, since I grew up speaking Cantonese.

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: I am a tax auditor in the Australian Taxation Office, and since 2003 I have hosted a monthly radio “tax talkback” program in the Cantonese language as a tax specialist.

Q: How have you grown as a communicator and leader since you joined Toastmasters?
A: Before I joined Toastmasters, I could not speak in front of a group of people. Each time I tried, my brain went blank, my heart palpitated and my blood ran upside down. I am now a calmer speaker. Although I am still nervous, I am able to control my nervousness.

A few months ago, my employer held a training session and a few of us took part in the presentation. I was the only presenter who did not simply read from the script. A few years ago, I would have done exactly what the other presenters had done. My Toastmasters training has not only made me a better communicator, it has also made me a person who is not afraid of standing out in a crowd. This quality is in line with the leadership skills I have learned in Toastmasters. I am now president of the Tuesday Chatters Toastmasters club. This was once unimaginable, but the training that Toastmasters provides has given me the skills and the courage to lead.
Q: What do you like best about your club?A: All the members are very positive and inspiring. When the club was new, everyone talked about how nervous they were when they spoke in public, and I realized I was not alone. Since that time, I have achieved what I was aiming for, but I have also gained a lot more. In four years, I found my voice, discovered some hidden talents and built solid friendships. I have become a better person since joining the club.

Q: What have you done in Toastmasters to gain leadership experience?
A: I have been the club’s vice president membership, education and public relations. I achieved the Competent Leadership and the Advanced Leadership Bronze awards. Since I became club president this year, I have overseen the creation of the club’s newsletter and have organized social functions for members and their friends. I have implemented the club’s mentoring and guest-welcoming processes, and have planned and organized a Moments of Truth workshop.

Q: What is the most important thing you would tell your friends and family about Toastmasters?
A: I am infatuated with the Toastmasters journey. Toastmasters can awaken our social conscience and inspire us to be better people. What I have learned has exceeded my expectations. The longer I stay involved, the more I discover about myself. It gives me great pleasure to know that I am in a boundless journey.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Humorous Speech Contest @ Saud Bahwan Toastmasters

Dear Toastmasters,

A warm welcome to each one of you to enjoy the Humorous Speech Contest
at Saud Bahwan Toastmasters on 26/02/2012, Tuesday from 6.00 pm on wards 
Thanks & regards
PR Team 
Saud Bahwan Toastmasters

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Congratulating the Smiley DTM DAGA

NTI Toastmasters last session was unlike any of its previous ones. It was a session where all members were in groove. They were all gathered in a room that was fully packed to cherish a moment of Great achievement. They all came to celebrate the mega event of a birth of DTM. This Particular DTM has touched their hearts and was instrumental in inducing change to make them realize their aspirations and personal growth. This Saturday TM Rajesh Kumar Daga has set the track for all NTI members to follow suit by achieving the top accolade and reach the finishing lines with flying colors to become Rajesh Kumar Daga, DTM.
Our Hearty congratulation our leader par excellence, DTM Daga from all Division D and Particularly Area 6.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Let Us Talk: A Toastmaster with a Vision Made Possible

“Let us Talk” approached DTM Nasef our current District PRO to share his rich and enlightening experience as a toastmaster. He welcomed our invitation wholeheartedly and made the door wide open. Our conversation with him was transparent, eye opening and thought provoking.

Click here to visit the "Let us Talk" page and read the full interview.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Toastmaster with an Out of the Box Solutions: TM Sajan Nair

'Let Us Talk' is at it again as Division D PRO and New Tracks Toastmasters Club President, TM Saleh al Khamyasi dons the interviewer's role and corners NTI Toastmasters Club President TM Sajan Nair for a captivating interview.

CC/CL TM Sajan Nair is serving as a President of NTI Toastmasters. A  Trainer by profession with a rich and extended experience of  22 years chiefly in soft skills. He started his career in the Indian Air Force as a Ground Training Instructor where  he trained cadets, officers and men.

Click here to visit the Area 6 page where the interview is featured.

'Let Us Talk', has in its sight all the Divsion D Club Presidents and who know, your club President could be the next feature ! So stay tuned for lots more to come.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Evaluation Contest - Saud Bahwan Toastmasters - February 12, 2013

Dear Toastmaster,

With great pleasure we invite you to the  Evaluation Contest of our club 
on Tuesday 12th February 2013 at ALC, Wattayah from 6.00 pm onwards.

The map of venue and Invitation is attached;

Your presence will be greatly appreciated.

With Regards,
Public Relations Team
Saud Bahwan Toastmasters 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

NTI Toastmasters International Contest Invite

Esteemed Toastmasters,

It is my pleasure to invite you all for our most awaited Club Contest on 9th February 2013. Please come and encourage our enthusiastic participants.
Let us all get together and make it a grand success. I am attaching the invitation with the mail. Awaiting to see you all.

TM Nilofer

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Leadership Workshop on Feb 8, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let Us Talk: DTM George Thomas

Let us Talk approached DTM George to share his extended and rich experience for the benefits of our Toastmasters members. He wholeheartedly welcomed our initiative and shed light on the history of toastmasters and how it has evolved from 1999 until our present. Our conversation DTM George was full of long track memories and delved to so many stations.

DTM George Thomas
Click here to read the entire interview at 'Let Us Talk'

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Congratulations DTM Srikumar Pai

Congratulations to L.Srikumar Pai on being awarded his DTM award. DTM Srikumar is an inspiration to us all and always at hand to share his wealth of information with the TM community. We wish you success in all your endeavors....


NTI Toastmasters Club Contest: February 2, 2013