Saturday, September 29, 2012

Let Us Talk: Enhancing the Club's Learning Environment

Let Us Talk keeps up its reputation for bringing its readers innovative content. TM Saleh Al Khamyasi has facilitated a group discussion on the topic of "Enhancing the Club's Learning Environment". A topic which is very relevant to all the clubs in our division. The panel consisted of:

  • Dr. Rajan Philips, DTM.
  • TM G Kumar
  • ACB/CL Hemanth Bhaskaran
  • CC/CL M Ramesh
Their discussion with let us talk was so interesting, thought provoking and certainly eye opening and if these ideas are capitalized and made a reality at the various clubs in the division they will bring about creativity, variety and above all continuity of members and visits hailing from all corners of Muscat in search of the fruitful outcomes of toastmasters as an educational vehicle to achieve the desired personal development and growth.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Talk on Cloud Computing

Dear Toastmasters, 

The Saud Bahwan Toastmasters is pleased to invite the Toastmaster community to its  257th session. The highlight of the proceeding will be an informative and technology driven talk on 'Cloud Computing' by guest speaker Mrs. Shanthi Vijay, a Project Manager with Information Technology Authority, Oman.

Cloud computing is surely the technology of the future as increasing number of enterprises are choosing to adopt the technology and the immense benefits that accompany it. It promises to translate the concept of high availibility computing into a tangible reality.
The session will commence at 6.00 pm on 25th September (Tuesday)  at the Advanced Learning Center ( Right behind Toyota Showroom in Wattayah)

We welcome you all to what promises to be an interesting and informative session.

Public Relations Team 
Saud Bahwan Toastmasters 

Speaker To Trainer Workshop

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,
The bell is ringing to draw your attention. From a Speaker to trainer there is a big leap the ALG Education & training has in store for you to sharpen your competencies. The Seats are limited. The details are highlighted in the invite. Register now before the seats are all taken away.
Best Regards
Saleh Abdullah Alkhamyasi
Division D PRO
Touch to Transform

Celebrating the Taste of Achievements

Those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance know that he is humble, simple and fun to be around. However, his humbleness did not deprive him the joy of nurturing a dream and aspires in a slow but steady manner to make it a tangible reality.
TM Dr. K Guru Raja Rao
Area Governor for area 64 TM.K.GURU RAJA RAO has added another feather to his cap. Recently he has been awarded a “Doctorate in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION” by an International University for his thesis titled “Succeeding in a Global Business Environment”.
 He attributes his success to his family and friends. He claims, their support was critical in reaching the milestone.  
He expresses his thanks to his professors for their Guidance and support. According to him challenges have to be faced anyway, so take on a tougher challenge and be proud of its achievement.
On behalf of the Division D toastmasters’ community we congratulate this leader par excellence for this marvelous accolade. We have no doubt that success is engraved as his middle initial so we wish  him continuous progress and we are sure that area 64 will progress  from great to super excellent. We are really proud of you AG Guru Raja.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let Us Talk - Optimistic Sheikha: A Toastmaster with a Persevering Spirit

Visit Let us Talk for this week's interview as TM Saleh al Khamyasi sits down for a thought provoking interview with DTM Sheikha Al Harthy. Her years of association with the Toastmaster movement in Division D makes for an inspiring read.

DTM Sheikha Al Harthy

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NTI and the awaited Mega Event

NTI Toastmasters Club has set aside Wednesday 26th of September 2012 as a mega event day to commemorate its 250th session. TM Rajasekaran the Head of the organizing committee stated that NTI has so many marvelous achievements to celebrate and therefore, it is with a sense of pride and achievements that we are all clubbing hands to make that evening a memorable experience
TM Rajasekaran
NTI Toastmasters
The VP Public Relations TM Athavan, our has an enticing programs, cultural extravaganza, which will include various segments such as reflective speeches, dance, music and games. On the other hand, the occasion is another social gathering where family members and friends celebrate an entertaining evening.
It is worth mentioning that the timing details are as highlighted below:
Date:    26th September 2012 (Wednesday)
 Venue:  NTI, Al Khuwair, Al Mada Hall (ground floor) 
 Registration:  6.30 p.m. onwards
          Program Timing: 7.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
With a toastmasters’ spirit we wish the NTI Toastmasters team a grand success in their upcoming venture.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Congratulating The Smiling Dad

Our heartfelt congratulation, for TM Rajan China of NTI Toastmasters and his wife for the arrival of the Crown prince, their first born baby boy. TM Bushra Ali a Division PR Reporter contacted TM Rajan and his wife and congratulated them on behalf of our Division. The mother revealed that “staring at my baby and watching him flash an innocent smile fills me with joy and affection”. The dad on the other hand shared his happiness with us and stated that the flood of calls, SMS and greetings filled them with joy.  Smilingly TM Rajan said as a matter of fact my parents are scheduled to arrive tonight to see their Grandson.   We wish the couple and their new born baby an eternal happiness and progressive life.


The Awaited Grand Daughter

Our heartfelt congratulation, for TM Dr. Basheer Ahmed of New Tracks Toastmasters and his family members for the arrival of the awaited grand daughter.TM Nashreen AbdelRehman a Division PR Reporter contacted TM Basheer and congratulated him on behalf of our Division.
Highlighting his happiness TM Basheer stated that “having grandchild fills the heart with unmatched joy. Amina the baby’s name injected the family with an extra dosage of happiness in addition to her brother Yusuf. He elaborated I must  admit children are from heaven we ought to nurture, nourish and watch them bloom as the days pass by”.
We wish  TM Dr Basheer and his family members an eternal happiness and Amina a healthy life. Alf Mabrook Dr. Basheer.

Celebrating the Innovative Spectrum

18th of September 2012, was another memorable day at Saud Bahwan Toastmasters club. The session was specifically devoted to unveiling the 7th Issue of 'SPECTRUM' - the club newsletter of with its innovative new look. Shedding light on the club creative touch to reviving and strengthening the Spectrum brand the VP PR TM Saiju Victor Explained the significance of the new logo of Spectrum. He highlighted that the logo depicts the blue color in the left as the members of the club (blue being the corporate color of this corporate club).

On the other hand, the Spectrum of colors on the right end depicts the emergence of those members after going through the toastmaster sessions and having realized their hidden potentials, abilities and unique true colors.

DTM Harish Bilgiwas one of the Aces of SBG Toastmasters and TM Shyam Sankaran, the Club’s mentor were recognized and honored as the first two members who receives the new issue. The gestures of handing the copy was carried by of Saud Bahwan Toastmasters.TM Suith TS, a member of the editorial team of Spectrum

The colorful twenty pages Spectrum contains literary contributions from the club members, messages from the club office bearers, photo features, a book & movie reviews, club activities and current affairs.

Going through this newly launched issue of Spectrum reveals that it is innovative because it contains creative touches, wealth of information and being intelligently devoted for celebrating achievements and motivating members to unleash the giant within to realize the positive change toastmasters as a platform can introduce in their lives.

Hearty congratulation and kudos to the creative minds…..Team way to go ! highly appreciated efforts and a role modeling step to follow. Let us always move from great to super excellence. You certainly can do it.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Golden Quarter Award 2012

Dear District 20 Leaders & Builders,
Good day to you..
Want to learn how to INCREASE your Membership Growth?...Simple
Start a club during the GOLDEN QUARTER PERIOD – Pay for 20 new or dual members during charter (before September 2012), and make payments for the same 20 members again in October 2012 & April 2013, i.e. by the end of the year 2012-13 your Area & Division would have 60 (20 members x 3 payments) membership payments.
Toastmasters don't miss the opportunity and utilize the next 3 weeks to start a new club and be recognized at DTAC 2013 with Golden Quarter Award 2012.
Subha Anupindi
Lieutenant Governor Marketing 2012-2013
District 20,  Toastmasters International
Where Leaders are made
Skype: subhaanupindi

Let Us Talk - Victorious Vicky: A Toastmaster with a Zeal for Achievements

Visit Let us Talk for this week's interview as TM Saleh al Khamyasi sits down for a thought provoking interview with our vibrant LG for Education and Training, DTM  Maria Victoria Ferrer.

DTM Maria Victoria Ferrer

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Congratulation Grandpa

On behalf of the toastmasters community here join me in extending our heartfelt congratulation for a toastmaster who won our hearts and earned our respect. Let us all say Alf Mabrook   to Area Governor for Area 4 Dr. John Valliattu  who was bestowed with a beautiful grand baby girl who is named Isabelle Susan John.  Grandpa, Grandma, the baby’s parents and the rest of the family members let us all recite this Poem by Victoria dame entitled “Grandchildren)  to celebrate the arrival of Isabella. We wish you happiness, peace and tranquility.


Grandchildren are jewels that sparkle brightly
in the sunlight of your later years. They are
sunshine and laughter that play across your soul.
Bringing youth to a body that has grown old.

Grandchildren are chocolate ice cream bars that
fill your body with sweetness. They melt even
the hardest casings of your heart, leaving you
all sticky with the warmth from their hugs and kisses..

Grandchildren are picture books overflowing
with memories that flood your heart with joy.
The pages that you turn each day bring peace, and
each picture shows that your life is now complete.

A sweet gift from God, wrapped in ribbons and bows.
I couldn't survive without my grandchildren!

Victoria Dame

Monday, September 10, 2012

SBAG Toastmasters Club Installation Ceremony

An Evening of Appreciation & Motivation

Pausing to appreciate the accomplished efforts rendered by the club’s outgoing president and his team in the executive committee and motivates the incoming team to take the success to greater heights. SBAG Toastmasters club Installation Ceremony on September 6th, 2012 was a tap on the shoulder.  The purpose of this ceremony is ostensibly to appreciate the effort that 2011-12 officers had devoted, and smell the fresh atmosphere that 2012-13 officers team are going to provide.  DTM G. Punn the incoming President of SBAG toastmasters stated that  the other aim is just to gather some of the more important people who have supported us over the years (our families), so that we can express our appreciation and enjoy meeting in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

The Chief Guests  of  this memorable occasion  were Area Governor (64) Gururaj Rao and Divisional Governor Div D - Yasser Sulaiman. The event was hosted at the party Hall, Al Madyan Building, Near Zawawi Mosque & Muscat Bakery, Opp. Samara Hotel,  Al Khuwair .

The MC of the party TM Ashock Velip started promptly at 7:30 PM after breaking the ice and paving the way for the audience to connect he invited  the outgoing President TM Tom Cyriac to speak and share the achievements of the Club one of which being a president distinguished club. He highlighted that it was principles such as determination, commitment and team spirit that has enabled the club to defy the odds and come out with flying colors.

With his usual broad smile and deft touch of humor, Area Governor  for Area 64, TM Gururaj Rao led the incoming Ex. Com headed by DTM Punn through the installation process. 
Paving the way for DTM Punn who addressed the audience highlighting that the vision of the club is to make communication and leadership skills available for their members and let the learning be fun.

DTM stated that the question at the moment Are you good enough for Toastmasters? He stressed Toastmasters is not for the weak heart rather it is for those who  are ready to walk the walk and welcome  feedback and in turn watch themselves bloom.

The speaking segment of this event was concluded with a motivational statement from DG Yasser  Sulaiman who praised SBAG toastmasters saying that the club brought about a paradigm shift and orchestrated a real success story with many fruitful key lessons.

Beside the club members and their families, the event was attended by DTM Rajan Phillips, Nanda kumar and many others guests .The agenda included an entertaining session for the kids and the family members followed by a delicious dinner.

Commenting on this event SBAG VPPR Rohit Varma  stated that this event aimed to achieve two targets at the same time. While it is an evening for appreciating and motivating each other it is on the other hand an opportunity to spend a moment with friends and family members.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Heartfelt Condolences....

On behalf of the Division D team and the entire Toastmaster community, we give our heartfelt condolences to   TM Saleh Al Khamyasi from, our Division D PRO, on the passing of his Aunt. We pray to the Almighty to rest her soul in his Heavenly Kingdom, and give strength and patience to   Saleh  and his Family.

Let Us Talk: TM Antony Issac

Visit Let us Talk for this week's interview as TM Saleh al Khamyasi sits down for a thought provoking interview with experienced Toastmaster Antony Issac.
TM Antony Issac
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Organizing Speech Contests Made Simple

On Friday 6th of September, the NTI building in Alkhuair embraced the first training and education initiative Division D has in store for its toastmasters’ members.  The workshop on organizing speech contest was facilitated  ACS/CL Girish Kumar  a seasoned toastmasters who has played many roles such as  VP Education, president, Area Governor and AG Education and Training. Such versatile experience was certainly reflected in the quality of the workshop.

The workshop facilitator Girish Kumar a member of both NTI Toastmasters and NTI Advanced Toastmasters stated that this workshop focused on enabling the participants to be abreast with the contest rules and all the things that should be planned for while a club team is planning and implementing its contests.

The workshop was attended by thirty nine participants from all the five areas. High lighting his feedback on the workshop TM Mahmood Ismail revealed that it was a very interactive session. It has included both seniors and juniors toastmasters.

On the other hand, TM Nanda Kumar the VP education of Elite Toastmasters one of the participants highlighted that the workshop was really useful and well conducted. The Facilitators used an interactive approach. The participants were divided into five groups, connection with the audience was ensured through questioning, quiz, and providing relevant links where they can get free information through Toastmasters international websites. It was a golden opportunity for even seniors to clarify their doubts.

As a byproduct,  the event was  a small get together where members from all the twenty one clubs touched base with each other during the break.

At the end of the session AG education and Training DTM Punn  tapped the shoulder of the facilitator for a job well done and thank the participants . He announced that the Division will embrace one training initiative per month strategy.

The workshop was concluded promptly on time.
Snippets from the event.....


Way to Go Area Governor Cyprian

The Evening of Tuesday 11th of September will pave the way for the birth of a new Toastmasters Club in Area 67, Area Governor CYPRIAN MISQUITH in a statement to the division blog stated that “ the birth of a new toastmasters club is like an enlightening torch. extending a helping hand for others to hone their communication and leadership skills is a duty of each toastmaster. The area governor indicated that the plan is to conduct a demonstration session for Ray International Company will be held in the company premises in Ghalla. Such a demo session will illustrate what skills are exhibited through a Toastmasters session.
TM Cyprian Misquith
Area Governor, Area 67

The Area Governor requested  his clubs team members to put utmost efforts to support the newly forged club which he hopes to register it by end of September 2012.

Well done Area 67 and Way to GO AG Cyprian … Kudos to your noble efforts. We hope all the areas will follow suites soon

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Joyful Journey

Dear Fellow toastmasters,
While I was reading the last issue of the Toastmaster Magazine I was intrigued with the inspiring words of the Toastmasters International President DTM MICHAEL NOTARO Within his  last view point Michael reflects the powerful impact of toastmasters as a platform for immense personal development and Growth. I think you would agree with me that distance from a shy college student who wants to avoid  being embarrassed in his graduation Ceremony to a level  of Toastmasters International President speaks volume about Toastmasters as an education Vehicle.
Enjoy Reading his inspiring words.
Best Regards
Saleh Abdullah Alkhamyasi
Division D PRO
Touch to Transform

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Let Us Talk: DTM Alex Ginete

Visit Let us Talk for this week's interview as TM Saleh al Khamyasi sits down for a thought provoking interview with experienced Toastmaster par excellence and the District 20 Governer DTM Alex Ginete.
DTM Alex Ginete
District Governer, District 20

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Organizing a Speech Contest Workshop - September 7

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,
Planning, organizing and implementing mega events such as contests require a well designed induction program. The induction program will be instrumental in providing us with the necessary skill set to organize successful contests at the club and area levels. The Division recognizes the need for such a knowledge transfer and is focussed towards empowering the clubs to be well versed in organizing successful contests. 
A workshop addressing the above needs is going to be facilitated by a seasoned TM with versatile experience at the club, area and division level. TM Girish Kumar will be conducting this session on 'Organizing Speech Contest' which we encourage you all to attend. The Session will be held on Friday, September 7 at NTI Al Khuwair from 4PM - 6PM.
Please view the invite for additional details.
We look forward to your enthusiastic participation.
Best Regards
Saleh Abdullah Alkhamyasi
Division D PRO
Touch to Transform