Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Way To Go Division PR Team !!!

We began with the end in mind. We kept it as a vivid goal to position our division internally, regionally and internationally. With the Toastmaster Magazine June issue our goal was achieved with standing ovation.  In this issue you will find a coverage of our Division Governor ACS/ CL  Yassir Abdulla Sulaiman who shared with TM Magazine his extended association with Toastmasters and the rewarding impact toastmasters has brought to his personal & professional life and  how it enabled him to touch to transform.  Enjoy reading this issue which each toastmaster in Oman should keep for years to come because it reflects the Toastmasters’ community in Oman.
This noticeable recognition speaks louder than words about the achievements our Division has made. It speaks louder that our division is known internationally as well.
Through all of you let me extend my heartfelt Congratulation and gratitude for the super stars of  the division PR Team TM Shakir Alansari of New Tracks Toastmasters & Sujith S K  of SBG toastmasters. Brothers you are indispensable. You two made our creative touch so tasty & rewarding.
Besides I want to thank the division Council, Presidents, VPPRs and each and every toastmaster for believing, supporting and inspiring us.
It was a journey of stretching to excel made possible by passion to serve with love and affection. Thanks a million louder & louder and louder. May almighty Bless us all.