Monday, August 27, 2012

Onam Greetings

Onam is a traditional ten day harvest festival celebrated by all Keralites across the globe. It’s a festival rich in culture and heritage. 
Onam is when Kerala parties. Boat races, song and dance, lots of good food, and as much exotica as one can take, are there for the asking. Onam is celebrated in gratitude for the bounties of the land, for all that nature provides for the people. On a slightly different level, the festival also keeps alive the legend of a benevolent ancient ruler called Mahabali, who, it is believed, again visits his subjects - the people of Kerala - during Onam Festival.

On this auspicious occasion, Toastmasters International Division D would like to extend heartfelt greetings and warm wishes to all Toastmasters and their families who celebrate Onam.
Let this Onam brings a lot of happiness and prosperity to all of you.
Best Regards
Saleh Abdullah Alkhamyasi
Division D   PRO
Touch to Transform

Reflecting on the Battle of Champions

With an observing eye and critical taste ACS/ ALS Rajesh Daga shared with us the following notes on the World championship of Public Speaking 2012, which we post here for the benefits of the toastmasters members in the Division at large. It is worth mentioning that this  seasoned toastmaster is a member of both NTI toastmasters as well as NTI Advanced Toastmasters. We hope to touch base with him in the near future so that he can shed light on his versatile experience as toastmaster.
TM Rajesh Daga

World championship of Public Speaking 2012, is an eagerly awaited and anxiously anticipated event with higher expectations from the champions speakers was a revelation,  a must see, for any die hard Toastmaster.

The live telecast at SBG ALC proved to be a clincher. It was as if we were sitting right there along with 3000 Toastmasters in Orlando, Florida. The action, the thrill and the disciplined Toastmasters contest at the highest level was about to begin. Excitement ran high like a Bond movie, as soon as the internet connection was established.  I was delighted to notice that a warm welcome was extended to viewers all over the world as well as the previous winners who were all seated in the 3rd row together. Talk about camaraderie at Toastmasters.

Nine contestants out of final 90 (and total of 25,000 contestant right from club contest level, so I heard) were to battle out to take the crowning glory. Here is what I got from them as lessons and take home messages. Superb content, excellent expressions and a marvelous way of  connecting  with the audience.

Truly speaking, we have many of our seasoned  Toastmasters  around us, who can be rated at par with the contestants.  I personally feel, a bit too much of histrionics by some of the speakers, we watched at the convention. There is a marked difference between the way they speak, there pronunciations and the way they carry themselves on stage. The cultural difference shows. I do not know whether it is the preferred way by TMI. However, looking at the positives, the best part was construction of the speeches, where the start and end were almost always well connected, completing the circle of one’s subject. Another part was humour spread in between a speech. Last but not the least, the winners had the connect with a current event too. A  popular person like Usain Bolt or talking of twitter etc, to bring the audience on same page. Important lessons for us TMs.

Highlights of some of the speakers according to me :

First Speaker, Andrew Kneebone had a personal story “ The story of two Kneebones” to tell. How the earlier generation of Kneebone went to unchartered territories in Australia and made a great success out of nothing. It was quite striking when he mentioned powerfully “heroes within our family” in the context that we start looking for heroes somewhere out there.

Second Speaker Stuart Pink had a novel subject “ Brain Lifting” to speak about. His way of expressing the phrase WHAT IF was so impressive and mind churning that it had a huge positive affect not only on me but on the judges too. Question yourself  at times, with this phrase and you will find answers. It was an effective message which helped him win the third place. He was composed, confident and creative. His speech highlight was a conversation between two characters that we so often see here in Oman contests.

Third speaker Ronald Melvin title ‘Disaster to laughter’ was a novel idea highlighting how a precarious situation can be converted in to a favorable one just by changing the mindset. I felt it a farfetched idea and didn’t touch the chord with me.

Fourth speaker Brian Corvey Winterville with “keep the music alive” might have been a musician rather than a speaker. But impressive was the way he started with a melodious tune and with his gesture he took the audience on a flight of creative connect almost immediately with him. His gestures were so powerful and easy that audience sang with him, when he sang and stopped. Superb timing. I recalled the movie “rockstar” which had similar impact.

Fifth speaker, the only lady, Diane Parker’s speech titled ‘Yet here I stand’ was a story of her struggle  against all odds, her troubled childhood, failures, challenges. Her message “burry the past” was a real great take home lesson. She also announced DOA – Dead on arrival – a wonderful memorable acronym., when she spoke about past blurring our future. Her gesture of facing our past all the time that hides our future was simply superb. There was a bit too much histrionics, is what I felt, that might have cost her a place at the podium. But, an excellent personal story.

Sixth speaker, P Subramanium’s speech “Finding the right shoes” is where I felt connected the most. May be because familiar pronunciation and easy to understand diction. But to top it all, it was a subject superbly expressed, displayed and connected. He walked up on stage wearing 2 different pair of shoes. Message was touching. Many a times, we feel like wearing the shoes of other persons. Hitting the nail on the head, he mentioned, its not about finding the right shoes, but be able to fit in the shoes meant for us. Another memorable phrase he used with aplomb was “What could be than what is? His effort won him a creditable no. 2 spot.

Seventh speaker Kenny Ray Morgan’s speech title was “Afraid of the dog”.  Call me a native, a na├»ve or a person who lacks understanding of the language. To be honest, when I heard him first, I mistook the pronunciation of the word DOG with DARK. Please pardon me. That is the pronunciation misunderstanding normally happens with me. It was only when he mentioned an incident with canine family that I realized what he was talking about. It was an age old successful meaningful subject of conquering  your fear. When a dog runs after you, rather than running away, turn back and look directly at it in the eye. Just like you would handle your biggest fear, to see how it disappears. Superb content. Not delivered powerfully, is my verdict. 

Eight speaker Ryan Avery happened to pick up A VERY  classy subject, ‘Trust is a must’. Starting with a scene of him standing on the altar and ending his speech at the same spot, he mesmerized the audience with superb contents like Promise is only as good as the person who makes it. Really emphasizing value of being the real YOU. Inspiring, awesome and a winner all the way.

Ninth  speaker Mario Lewis’s speech title “ Do not look “ was the last one. He was moving on smoothly when the transmission abruptly stopped. Though he was quite impressive, sudden discontinuation did affect my focus.

The excellent arrangements by Area  Governor Robin Anand and his team made this possible despite being a Eid holiday. They deserve a big pat on the back. And for those, who missed out , grab the first available copy of the DVD.

One seemingly satisfying consolation, our standards are quite encouraging. Very soon, one contestant from Oman will battle his or her way and be right there, competing and winning.  Good luck, keep trying hard.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let Us Talk: Ali Al Farai

Visit Let us Talk for this week's interview as TM Saleh al Khamyasi sits down for a thought provoking interview with Toastmaster par excellence Ali Al Farai. 
TM Ali al Farai
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Dear Leaders & Builders,
Greetings & Ramadan Kareem

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Subha Anupindi
Lieutenant Governor Marketing 2012-2013
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Where Leaders are made
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Skype: subhaanupindi


The Live Streaming of Toastmasters World Championships 2012

On 18th August 2012 Saud Bahwan Toastmasters proudly hosted the live streaming of Toastmasters world Championship 2012 at a well-organized event which took place in Advanced Learning Center at Saud Bahwan, Wattayah premises.
Registration process started at 2.45 pm sharp. Area Governor Robin Anand pulled out a surprise just before the session by the screening of the winning speech byJock Elliott titled “ Just So Lucky”
Audience registration in progress

After watching the speech the Toastmasters were thrilled to witness the finale of the greatest public speaking competition of the world this year to decide on who will rule the world with his inspirational public speaking skills.  
The Audience
As the program started and the International President Elect DTM George Yen greeted all those people who are watching the video streaming, it was received with a thunderous applause and cheers from the audience.
The Organizing Team
The closely fought contest was curiously followed by the audience and the atmosphere had all the traces of a contest, which was happening in real time. Even the 1 minute of silence was religiously observed and they used that time to put their marks for each contestant.
At the beginning of the contest Area Governor 65 had announced that 3 people who rightly predict the winners of the contest will be given valuable gifts. It created more excitement and seriousness in the audience. 
Program concluded by 5.15 and the toastmasters thanked and appreciated the great initiative of the area team who combined with the Saud Bahwan toastmasters to pull out a perfectly managed show yet again. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Let us Talk: DTM G Ramesh

Visit Let us Talk for this week's as TM Saleh al Khamyasi sits down for a thought provoking interview with DTM G Ramesh. 

DTM G Ramesh
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Eid Mubarak

May the blessing of this holy occasion shelther you with grace and happiness have a an  Eid Mubarak and joyful holiday

The SBAG Toastmasters wish you Eid Mubarak

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Enjoying the Public Speaking Extravaganza Right at Home

It’s that time of the year again. The Annual Toastmaster's International Convention has rolled into town and is set to kick off with a big bang and amid rapturous applause on Wednesday, August 15th in Orlando, Florida. Now amid the crowded schedule, the business agenda and education sessions there stands an event which definitely classifies as the highlight of the year among the global Toastmaster's community. Yes, you guessed right. It is the prestigious World Championship of Public Speaking. We stand to witness an elite gathering of individuals who are undoubtedly the best speakers in the world as they take to the stage and proceed to captivate the audience with their unique styles of speech delivery.

Well this year the team from Area 65 have come up with a novel initiative and decided that if we couldn't get to Orlando, they would bring Orlando to us by organizing a LIVE screening of the World Championship of Public Speaking at the Advanced Learning Center, Saud Bahwan Group in Wattayah. The event is open to all clubs in Area 65 and is sure to be attended by scores of excited Toastmasters. 

The registration desk at the venue opens at 03:30 PM local time and the event kicks off at 03:45 PM on Saturday, August 18. So be sure you get there in time to watch the first contestant take to the stage and who knows, it might just be the inspiration you need to get on stage next year !

“Let us Talk”… what do you have in store for us ?????

Let us talk  followers   after the well received interview with DTM  Punn  I am sure you are wondering  Who is next   ?????

Well my friends   think no more please stay tuned for our uplifting, insightful and certainly educational interview with a DTM who believes that DTM has given him a great sense of fulfillment and made him believe more in himself

This DTM is  a sensational  speaker,  the toastmasters  community awaits his presence as  a contestant  at each OTAC.  Yes ,  you figured it right  he is  DTM G Ramesh……   the interview will posted soon in Let Us Talk

Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Iftar Gathering Worth Remembering

Rejoicing our fraternity was an opportunity made a reality. The pleasant warm evening of 6th August for toastmasters in “Division D” witnessed a first time ever Iftar gathering for the Toastmasters Community in Oman. The event was held at AlHaffa House Hotel and attended by more than 120 people. The atmosphere was abuzz with cheerfulness and the delicious lip smacking buffet catered to all tastes.

The Division Governor Yasser Sulaiman thanked the audience for making the event a success with their presence and highlighted that the opportunity to meet, talk and enjoy such an informal time with each other is beyond description. He thanked the organizing team for the initiative highlighting that together we all can make a big difference. The announcement was met with a round of applause and cheers from the gathering.

The Iftar gathering was a reunion for many pioneering toastmasters who initiated the first seed of toastmasters. They were all mesmerized to get together with their comrades.

Watching the kids running around the spacious hall broke all the barriers and made everyone realize that they all belong to one family.
The gathering generated a great impact among the participants and was described as being enjoyable, wonderful, awesome and cool.  People had a very special moment to connect with their fellow toastmasters from numerous clubs.

View a small presentation on the Division D Iftar Gathering below.....
An Iftar Gathering Worth Remembering

Feedback from Toastmasters:

Thanks a lot 
TM Saleh

It was indeed an enjoyable evening... a sincere sharing, this was the first time I witnessed an Ifthar Gathering....!  It was awesome and cool (today's generation exclamation...!!).  We Domina ladies enjoyed thoroughly.    
Prescilla.  President Domina Toastmasters

Indeed, it is memorable gathering for me. Such a friendly meeting TM with wonderful ifthar meal. Thanks a lot....
Thanks & Best Regards      
G.Rajasekaran -NTI Toastmasters

Great Iftar. Thanks a lot    
DTM Punn

Thank you very much for the nice and wonderful gathering
we did really enjoy it and had a very special moment to know a new ppl. from other different Toastmasters’ clubs.  
TM Abdullah Albarashidi

Thank you for inviting me I had a blast    
DTM Cucuil

Super show. Nice to see so many TMs.together. Congrats. And mabrook for the painstaking efforts.  
TM Rajesh Daga

It was a great opportunity to see such a wonderful iftar gathering with huge number of toastmasters. You all deserve a big round of applause.  keep it up with our best wishes.  
TM Zaki Hanna -KTC

Friday, August 10, 2012

SBG Toastmasters Club: Celebrating the 250th Session with Creative Gesture

SBG Toastmasters Club a talent breeding hub.  It is a club that is associated with quality and high standards. This time SBG Toastmasters had  a creative touch for celebrating its 250th session. The session was dedicated to the true spirit of Olympics.

To add to a flair to the celebrated moment  the toastmaster of the Day was Area Governor Robin Anand  area 65 who was the immediate past president of the Club as well who cleverly invested the occasion to enhance team spirit among his clubs and warm his champions for the upcoming events.

Besides the various segment of  the session The Inter-clubs Table Topic Contest gave uniqueness and competitiveness  spirit among the various clubs within area 65.

In a conversation with the Division PRO, TM Saiju Victor  the VPPR of SBG Toastmasters stated that   “It was a spectacular rainbow of impromptu speaking talents, as 7 stalwarts of the area added color to the contest. Unlike the other Table Topic contests each of the contestant was assigned an exclusive topic to address .Therefore, no one had  to leave the hall. It was a real showcase of talents that kept all the audience captivated and well entertained.

The Judging panel announced the results to call on the stage DTM  Ramesh (SB) who grabbed the gold, while  TM Stephen Brass (MB) was awarded the Silver whereas the Bronze was shared between TM Ramki (SB) & TM  Nahil (MB).

The creative initiative injected the place with infectious enthusiasm and made everyone go home  energized with lots of food for thoughts..

Effective Inter-Clubs Cooperation

NTI Toastmasters is kicking off its next meet with a renowned guest speaker within toastmasters Community both in Oman as well as at the District level.
In an exclusive chat with the Division PRO, NTI Toastmasters VP education Rajesh Daga stated that “ our session no.245  will be sensational. The audience is in for a special treat for obvious reasons.

The master of ceremony is a highly seasoned toastmasters who is known among his circle as “Big B”.TM Ramanathan  with his motivational style and prolific ideas  will fill the place with his infectious enthusiasm.

Besides, in a gesture of fostering cooperative culture between the clubs, NTI has extended an invitation for a guest speaker who has always been a point of attraction. He is a champion in his own right. This guest speaker has won the acclaim of being a role model for many toastmasters in the Division.

NTI is hosting  DTM  G. Ramesh  a highly talented speaker  who represented “ Division D” at the district level in Jordan  as  the winner of international speech contest in  OTAC 2011. It is worth mentioning that DTM Ramesh is a member in SBG toastmasters as well as  Morrison Muscat Toastmasters.

Daga reiterated that  the speakers and  other role players will be flitting on the stage like a butterfly exhibiting their talents and showcasing their true potentials as well.

The session will take place on Saturday,11th August at 8.15PM in NTI Main building in ALkhuair. Be there it is going to be a memorable experience to narrate and take pride that you were part of it

DTM Ramesh G
Guest Speaker
TM Ramanathan MS
Session MC
TM Rajesh Daga
VP Education

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Golden Quarter Award Awaits You !

Dear Leaders,

You, for  sure have ideas for new clubs, It's time to put them in practice and be recognized!!!!.


Yasser A. Sulaiman
Division D Governor. 2012-2013
District 20

Touch to Transform

Begin forwarded message:
Dear District 20 Leaders & Builders,
Greetings & Ramadan Kareem…
Be the coveted winner of LGM “GOLDEN QUARTER” AWARD
SPONSOR or MENTOR a NEW CLUB before September 30, 2012
Make all three payments (one during charter, the next in October 2012 and the 3rd in April 2013) for 20+ members
Be recognized at District Toastmasters Annual Conference 2013 (DTAC 2013) with a Trophy and a Certificate 
Promote GOLDEN QUARTER period by 
  • Encouraging Members/ Clubs to build NEW CLUBS before September 30, 2012…
  • Persuading Members/ Clubs to organize SPEECHCRAFT PROGRAM to form NEW CLUBS
  • Inspiring Members/ Clubs to conduct CREATIVE DEMO MEETINGSto initiate and charter new clubs. 
[Please pass on this MESSAGE to your Club Leaders]

Subha Anupindi
Lieutenant Governor Marketing 2012-2013
District 20,  Toastmasters International
Where Leaders are made
Mobile: +974 55656845
Skype: subhaanupindi

Monday, August 6, 2012

International Proxy Vote

Dear Presidents

Please take a note of the below message with regards to assigning your Proxy Vote:


We wish to remind you of the importance of assigning your International Proxy Vote in order to empower our district representation in the forthcoming Annual Business Meeting.
Our votes will be value to elect the international officers and directors for 2012-2013.
This time, you and your club secretary may have already received a letter from Toastmasters International with the corresponding Club and Proxy ID.
Please do not delay.  Assign your proxy vote now to your reprsentative District Governor or whom you know attending the convention.

NOTE: Proxy numbers are for verification purposes only and are not required when logging in.
 Your club may designate its proxy by following these instructions:
1.     Go to
2.     Log in by clicking the Login button in the upper right.
3.     Click on the Club Central link on the middle left.
4.     Click on the club name of which you are president or secretary.
5.     Click on the Assign/Delegate Club Proxy link.
6.     This will take you to the club proxy submission page where you will make your selection from the list provided.

If you have questions or need additional information, please email or to review the Proxy Frequently Asked Questions.
Looking forward to your proactive action.

Truly yours,

Alex Ginete, DTM
District Governor
District 20 - Toastmasters International
Tel +973 33080255