Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Toastmaster with an Out of the Box Solutions: TM Sajan Nair

'Let Us Talk' is at it again as Division D PRO and New Tracks Toastmasters Club President, TM Saleh al Khamyasi dons the interviewer's role and corners NTI Toastmasters Club President TM Sajan Nair for a captivating interview.

CC/CL TM Sajan Nair is serving as a President of NTI Toastmasters. A  Trainer by profession with a rich and extended experience of  22 years chiefly in soft skills. He started his career in the Indian Air Force as a Ground Training Instructor where  he trained cadets, officers and men.

Click here to visit the Area 6 page where the interview is featured.

'Let Us Talk', has in its sight all the Divsion D Club Presidents and who know, your club President could be the next feature ! So stay tuned for lots more to come.


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