Saturday, November 3, 2012

Exploring the Fabulous World of Words

Dear Area Governors,

Division D Education & Training team is pleased to announce its next Education Program.

 Exploring the Fabulous World of Words

English has probably the richest and most expanding vocabulary of any language and thus, vocabulary acquisition can be a challenging task for the learner. However, it is a task we cannot ignore. A sound vocabulary helps us to communicate with authority and confidence.

This presentation-cum-workshop explores the various exciting dimensions of getting to know words. The objective it to motivate the participants to realize that learning can be a joyful experience. A
few useful strategies and techniques to master new words and enrich vocabulary will be presented with plenty of examples,that should appeal to TMs of any professional background.


The session will be conducted by DTM Dr. RAJAN PHILIPS, who is a Senior ESL Lecturer at International College of Engineering & Management.


Dr. Rajan is Ph.D. in English (Washington International University, Pennsylvania) and M.A. (English) from Mysore University, India

Event Logistics                         

Time : 2 hours  (3 PM to 5 PM) 
Date : 9th November 2012 , Friday 
Venue : NTI , AL Khwair 
Contribution : 1 Rials 

Please pass on this message to all clubs.  

Nominations to be sent to undersigned at or SMS at #9933 5418. 
Please send full name of participant, club name, GSM Number and if possible email id. 

Limited 40 seats and nominations on first cum first serve basis.

Looking forward to a great session. 

Gurbinder S Punn, DTM 
ADG - E&T (2012-13)

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  1. DR.K.GURU RAJA RAO - ACB ALBNovember 4, 2012 at 4:38 PM


    The way both of you marketing and driving the upcoming program, it should turn out to be a successful one. However, many of us need to be pushed to draw the attention and that is the reason we need reminders 1,2 and 3 so on ...... However TMS like DR.RAJAN PHILIPS, GURBINDER SINGH PUNN and your good self as leaders deserve a big round of applause.