Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let Us Talk: DTAC 2013: Serving You with Love & Affection

DTM Nagabhushan Balaji, the DTAC Chair, 2013 is a man on fire. He is loudly crying all roads lead to Dubai, come see me burn with passion to serve you and showcase a memorable DTAC 2013in Dubai. His passion, zeal and inspiring spirit make the people around him vibrate with enthusiasm and focused on reaching the finish line with flying colours. TM Saleh al Khamyasi has once again travelled across the border to compile this gripping interview with DTM Balaji.
DTM Nagabhushan Balaji


  1. DR.K.GURU RAJA RAONovember 4, 2012 at 4:27 PM

    DEAR TM SALEH AL KHAMYASI, Your efforts are commendable. DTM NAGABHUSHAN has shown his ledaership qualities by teasing all of us to take that first step by registering our names for DTAC at BAHRAIN.

    Indeed it was a challenge well received and what a begining we all made at BAHRAIN.

    Leaders like DTM Nagabhushan and your self make a big difference to TMI DISTRICT 20.