Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Iftar Gathering Worth Remembering

Rejoicing our fraternity was an opportunity made a reality. The pleasant warm evening of 6th August for toastmasters in “Division D” witnessed a first time ever Iftar gathering for the Toastmasters Community in Oman. The event was held at AlHaffa House Hotel and attended by more than 120 people. The atmosphere was abuzz with cheerfulness and the delicious lip smacking buffet catered to all tastes.

The Division Governor Yasser Sulaiman thanked the audience for making the event a success with their presence and highlighted that the opportunity to meet, talk and enjoy such an informal time with each other is beyond description. He thanked the organizing team for the initiative highlighting that together we all can make a big difference. The announcement was met with a round of applause and cheers from the gathering.

The Iftar gathering was a reunion for many pioneering toastmasters who initiated the first seed of toastmasters. They were all mesmerized to get together with their comrades.

Watching the kids running around the spacious hall broke all the barriers and made everyone realize that they all belong to one family.
The gathering generated a great impact among the participants and was described as being enjoyable, wonderful, awesome and cool.  People had a very special moment to connect with their fellow toastmasters from numerous clubs.

View a small presentation on the Division D Iftar Gathering below.....
An Iftar Gathering Worth Remembering

Feedback from Toastmasters:

Thanks a lot 
TM Saleh

It was indeed an enjoyable evening... a sincere sharing, this was the first time I witnessed an Ifthar Gathering....!  It was awesome and cool (today's generation exclamation...!!).  We Domina ladies enjoyed thoroughly.    
Prescilla.  President Domina Toastmasters

Indeed, it is memorable gathering for me. Such a friendly meeting TM with wonderful ifthar meal. Thanks a lot....
Thanks & Best Regards      
G.Rajasekaran -NTI Toastmasters

Great Iftar. Thanks a lot    
DTM Punn

Thank you very much for the nice and wonderful gathering
we did really enjoy it and had a very special moment to know a new ppl. from other different Toastmasters’ clubs.  
TM Abdullah Albarashidi

Thank you for inviting me I had a blast    
DTM Cucuil

Super show. Nice to see so many TMs.together. Congrats. And mabrook for the painstaking efforts.  
TM Rajesh Daga

It was a great opportunity to see such a wonderful iftar gathering with huge number of toastmasters. You all deserve a big round of applause.  keep it up with our best wishes.  
TM Zaki Hanna -KTC


  1. Shakir Al Ansari, New Tracks ToastmastersAugust 13, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    I would like to thank the entire Division D team for having organized such a memorable gathering. The event was truly representative of the Division D Toastmaster community. It gave us a breather from the hectic Ramadan schedule and an ideal opportunity to enjoy socializing with fellow Toastmasters. The event was a rousing success, not to mention the delicious spread! :D