Friday, August 10, 2012

SBG Toastmasters Club: Celebrating the 250th Session with Creative Gesture

SBG Toastmasters Club a talent breeding hub.  It is a club that is associated with quality and high standards. This time SBG Toastmasters had  a creative touch for celebrating its 250th session. The session was dedicated to the true spirit of Olympics.

To add to a flair to the celebrated moment  the toastmaster of the Day was Area Governor Robin Anand  area 65 who was the immediate past president of the Club as well who cleverly invested the occasion to enhance team spirit among his clubs and warm his champions for the upcoming events.

Besides the various segment of  the session The Inter-clubs Table Topic Contest gave uniqueness and competitiveness  spirit among the various clubs within area 65.

In a conversation with the Division PRO, TM Saiju Victor  the VPPR of SBG Toastmasters stated that   “It was a spectacular rainbow of impromptu speaking talents, as 7 stalwarts of the area added color to the contest. Unlike the other Table Topic contests each of the contestant was assigned an exclusive topic to address .Therefore, no one had  to leave the hall. It was a real showcase of talents that kept all the audience captivated and well entertained.

The Judging panel announced the results to call on the stage DTM  Ramesh (SB) who grabbed the gold, while  TM Stephen Brass (MB) was awarded the Silver whereas the Bronze was shared between TM Ramki (SB) & TM  Nahil (MB).

The creative initiative injected the place with infectious enthusiasm and made everyone go home  energized with lots of food for thoughts..