Friday, August 10, 2012

Effective Inter-Clubs Cooperation

NTI Toastmasters is kicking off its next meet with a renowned guest speaker within toastmasters Community both in Oman as well as at the District level.
In an exclusive chat with the Division PRO, NTI Toastmasters VP education Rajesh Daga stated that “ our session no.245  will be sensational. The audience is in for a special treat for obvious reasons.

The master of ceremony is a highly seasoned toastmasters who is known among his circle as “Big B”.TM Ramanathan  with his motivational style and prolific ideas  will fill the place with his infectious enthusiasm.

Besides, in a gesture of fostering cooperative culture between the clubs, NTI has extended an invitation for a guest speaker who has always been a point of attraction. He is a champion in his own right. This guest speaker has won the acclaim of being a role model for many toastmasters in the Division.

NTI is hosting  DTM  G. Ramesh  a highly talented speaker  who represented “ Division D” at the district level in Jordan  as  the winner of international speech contest in  OTAC 2011. It is worth mentioning that DTM Ramesh is a member in SBG toastmasters as well as  Morrison Muscat Toastmasters.

Daga reiterated that  the speakers and  other role players will be flitting on the stage like a butterfly exhibiting their talents and showcasing their true potentials as well.

The session will take place on Saturday,11th August at 8.15PM in NTI Main building in ALkhuair. Be there it is going to be a memorable experience to narrate and take pride that you were part of it

DTM Ramesh G
Guest Speaker
TM Ramanathan MS
Session MC
TM Rajesh Daga
VP Education


  1. Saleh, a great job. something that we never did and heard. You are a fantastic Toastmaster and a dear friend. Good luck and all the best.

  2. The guest speaker idea is a good one. Way to go.

  3. Saleh, This post shows your "Dedication in Action", Good job man.