Thursday, August 9, 2012

Golden Quarter Award Awaits You !

Dear Leaders,

You, for  sure have ideas for new clubs, It's time to put them in practice and be recognized!!!!.


Yasser A. Sulaiman
Division D Governor. 2012-2013
District 20

Touch to Transform

Begin forwarded message:
Dear District 20 Leaders & Builders,
Greetings & Ramadan Kareem…
Be the coveted winner of LGM “GOLDEN QUARTER” AWARD
SPONSOR or MENTOR a NEW CLUB before September 30, 2012
Make all three payments (one during charter, the next in October 2012 and the 3rd in April 2013) for 20+ members
Be recognized at District Toastmasters Annual Conference 2013 (DTAC 2013) with a Trophy and a Certificate 
Promote GOLDEN QUARTER period by 
  • Encouraging Members/ Clubs to build NEW CLUBS before September 30, 2012…
  • Persuading Members/ Clubs to organize SPEECHCRAFT PROGRAM to form NEW CLUBS
  • Inspiring Members/ Clubs to conduct CREATIVE DEMO MEETINGSto initiate and charter new clubs. 
[Please pass on this MESSAGE to your Club Leaders]

Subha Anupindi
Lieutenant Governor Marketing 2012-2013
District 20,  Toastmasters International
Where Leaders are made
Mobile: +974 55656845
Skype: subhaanupindi


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