Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friends it's Time to Say Goodbye.

Rohit Verma is a familiar face around the Toastmasters community in Division D. As a professional, he is a Mechanical Engineer and has worked for over 6 years in the Field of Automotive Marketing & Branding.  He joined SBA in Oman, in the March of 2011. 

During his tenure Rohit was taking care of Sales and Marketing function for the commercial vehicles division of IECC at Suhail Bahwan Automotive Group, and was responsible for both Domestic and Exports Markets. 

In an email message he has send to the Division PRO he wrote “Toastmasters has probably been one of the best experience for me in Oman and as my Destiny has decided to take me away from Oman, i thought it's only fair to say good bye to my  Division D Toastmasters family and District at large. Saying good bye is not easy but i am hoping that i will be remembered in the community.”

It is worth mentioning that Rohit was mentored by DTM Gurbinder Singh Punn. He initiated his toastmasters journey began in July 2011. Being so passionate about toastmaster he completed his CL and CC manuals and participated and won at the Club Level Contest in his first year itself. In the TM year 2012-2013 he was elected as VP-PR of SBAG Toastmasters. Within 3 months he completely transformed the Club Public Relations, by his creativity and innovation.

Reflecting on his toastmaster experience CC/CL Rohit said “Toastmasters and specially the Mentoring by DTM Gurbinder really helped me develop not only a much stronger communication and Interpersonal skills but also helped me become a better professional and gave me confidence to develop and foster healthy relationships both within my professional circles and outside of it. 

Knowing that one of the fringe benefits toastmasters bring to our door steps he is banking that all of his fellow toastmasters will still be in touch with him either through:

·        Personal Email:

·        Linkedin. 

TM Rohit Verma, we certainly have an immense pleasure and delight to have you in the toastmaster’s community as an inspiring speaker and a friend as well as a star who made a big difference. It is with Role models like you big differences are introduced. As an ambassador of the toastmasters brand we hope your toastmaster’s journey will progress from good to great and you will persevere to touch more lives and transforms many individuals’ paths to be the change they want to see.  Let us all recite this poem before our friend leaves:

A friend is like a flower,
a rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched.
A friend is like an owl,
both beautiful and wise.
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost,
whose spirit never dies.
A friend is like a heart that goes
strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend. - By Adrianne S

We sincerely applaud your massive achievements TM Rohit and wish you a progressive life and a grand professional success.


  1. we wish you all the best in your new endeavor
    and hope that you can stay connected with your friends in Oman and send your contribution to the blog all the best