Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Newsletter: The Voice for Your Club

As we are well aware producing a newsletter is one of the primary club duties for a vice president public relations, and serving as editor counts as credit for the 10th project of the Competent Leadership manual. It is worth mentioning  that a club newsletter serves the following key purposes: 
·         Document and publicize current events.
·         Inform with educational material.
·         Provide visitors with take-home information.
·         Connecting new members with the club.
·         Encouraging communication among members.
·         Recognizing members’ accomplishments through published stories.
·         Inspiring all members to participate further in the Toastmasters program.
·         To help the club to achieve its mission and vision.

It is out of such enriching and encouraging objectives that the encouraging initiative of our District PRO DTM Dr. Nasef Anwar Dhafari that  the District is promoting  Divisions, Areas, Chapters news & activities by providing a great opportunity for you to promote your IMAGE & BRAND by featuring your newsletter- which will be available for the entire Toastmasters Community in the District- with the link
Please make use of this golden opportunity to celebrate your achievements and share it with all the toastmasters in the District. Kindly send their electronic newsletter copy district PRO email:
Leaders this is a golden opportunity to motivate your members and appreciate their efforts. As Mark Twain “Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great. Therefore, let us see newsletters from Division D supersede in the District website I am sure we can put our special finger print cannot we !?.


  1. Team it is a great opportunity. last year our NTI toastmasters Newsletter Expression along with that of SBG Spectrum won an award at the district level. a Newsletter can motivate members, enhance team building and attract members if design and prepared well. I encourage all the clubs to have theier own Newsletter.
    Thanks Dr. Nasef for this opportunity.
    All the best

  2. Toastmasters, here is another opportunity to shine as communicators, this time share your thought in writing and win a recognition for your club!!!!