Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Mesmerizing Impact of winning

In a congratulatory message via an email message our District LG Education & Training, DTM Vicky Mustafa revealed that two more clubs have received the "Club DRP Achiever Award"! They are:

          Emirates Group Finance Toastmasters Club No 1184433 Area 50, Division

          Saud Bahwan Toastmasters No 1021147, Area 65, Division D! The ace of the division. This club has set the standards high and positioned itself as a role model in our Division. Hearty congratulation SBGTM team we are really proud of you way to go. 


DTM Vicky’s message elaborated that there are five more clubs have attained the Distinguished Club Status they are:

          India Club Toastmasters Club No 1836;

          Desert Pioneers No 649467, Area 36, Division I;

          BURJ Toastmasters No 687361 Area 7, Division B;

          Dreams Toastmasters Club No 1125063, Area Division B and

          ISC Toastmasters 1334189 Area 55, Division H.

 Being overwhelmed with these achievements our LG education and training expressed her joy with such a marvelous achievement and said

“CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so proud to be part of such a dynamic and proactive group”.

Commenting on this joyous occasion our Division Governor Yasser Abdulla Sulaiman said that we congratulate the team at SBG TM.  Such passion is not surprising from these champions who are in a constant search of excellence. E This club deserves  the accolade because the team has always set the bench mark high and with their target driven attitude they make it a point to reach the finish line with a broad smile. Congratulation team we are really proud of you.”

Our Division PRO contacted the President of SBG TM Rajendran Ponnuswamy and congratulated him and his team for such a marvelous achievement.

Expressing his joy the  President of SBG Toastmasters stated that “with all the support and encouragement we get from the District, Division, Area and members it is the power of team that makes a difference. We have highly motivated and target driven members and they do not Seattle for less than excellence. We will surely strive harder in the days to come. At this point he took a deep breath and said after all sky is the limit”

Hearty congratulation  for SBG toastmasters, Area 65 under Area Governor Robin Anand and Division D at large. It is always uplifting to see the division D being position as a champion making hub. We hope that the contestant for the international speech contest next year who will represent the District will be from Division D- Oman..



  1. Yet another achievement by Saud Bahwan Toastmasters Club.
    Robin and club officers, you are doing a great job!!!

  2. Mabrook! & Congragulations to our V.P-Membership and his team.