Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let us Talk: A Superb Motivator with an Assuring Smile

Whenever the name of TM Rajesh Daga comes to mind one can literally visualize two components of his personal brand an assuring smile and a touch of motivation to walk the extra mile. He is known for his superb encouraging attitude that makes the mentee rejoice the present and become charged for a better tomorrow. TM Saleh al Khamyasi has a chat with TM Rajesh Daga for this week's episode of Let us Talk.

TM Rajesh Daga


  1. TM Rajesh Daga
    Till date i remember the international speech rendered by you and it spoke volumes of your abilities and never quit attitude.
    Your track record in TM is a inspiration to TM's like me who look up to seniors to learn.
    May you keep motivating and mentoring the new comers to give their best to this wonderful learning organization and in turn add laurels to their name.
    Latha Rao