Saturday, October 13, 2012

Leaping from Speaker to Trainer

Promising is something but fulfilling the promise is an assurance that the ultimate goal is empowering the members to sharpen their saw. AG Education and Training DTM Gurbinder Sing Punn has delivered his second training scheduled to enhance the skills of our toastmasters this year.

In a noble gesture from Saud Bahwan Group , the Advanced Learning Center embraced a workshop on  “Speaker to Trainer”. The workshop took place on  Thursday the 11th of Octobe rand  was facilitated by ACG Ramakrishnan Vajayan  known as  Ramki among his toastmasters circle. Ramki is  a professional trainer himself for more than a decade currently working at the  SBG Advanced Learning Center. He revealed that this initiative comes as a motivational touch to inspire members to take ownership of their development and make the leap from speaker to trainer. This will positively impact the talents set in our division and increase the number of trainers in the division.

Twenty three participants attended the workshop from different the clubs in the respective areas.  DG Yasser Sulaiman Inaugurated the session and thanked the commendable efforts of Area governors, Division team, clubs highlighting that DTM Punn has a lot in store to inject pulse and assure members that their development is one of the legacy the division wants to leave behind. The Division Governor invested the presence of TM Mohammed Ishfaq as one of the participants and introduced him as an added member to the division Team.

Commenting on benefits of this workshop President of MB toastmasters CC Nahil Hilal one of the participants the program was useful and effective. It was the trainer expertise that has paved the way for an interactive and very informative session.

TM said Almanthari of PDO toastmasters stated that I enjoyed this workshop. It was enlightening and shed light on the quality of the speaker and what ought to be considered in the journey to become trainer.

The VP education of NTI advanced TM Ramesh commented that the workshop was excellent, crisp and hot. Though short in time, it is high in content. It is surely a good beginning for those who are aspiring to be trainers.

The Secretary of SBG toastmasters reflected that it is the first time for him to be in such workshop and it is certainly an enjoyable program. 

The workshop was interactive in nature. The facilitator was highly successful in bring the difference between a speaker and a trainer. He exhibited the difference between the two using several tools such as icebreaker, dividing the participants into groups, ensuring focused discussion and knowledge sharing and using Role play as a technique. Besides he tapped on other tools case study, games and score of others.

About the types of audience, Ramki highlighted that audience differ in their behaviors. There are those who are talkative, silent, crab as well as know it all and each of these types ought to be handled differently.

At the end of the workshop DG Yasser Sulaiman thanked the participants and highlighted the need for putting the division theme “Touch to Transform” in action. He asked the participants to invite friends to their clubs and introduce them to toastmasters and let them embark on a positive turning point in their lives. The workshop was concluded after he distributed the certificates for the participants.

The Division Governor & AG E&T expressed  their gratitude for SBG Advanced Learning Center lead by Shayam Shankar, the Area Governor for area 65 TM  Robin Anand  and all the center staff particularly  TM Ramki and TM Sujith for empowering the division to make this workshop a  tangible reality.
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  1. i would like to thank TM.Ramki and DTM Gurbinder Sing Punn for giving us this opportunity.It was such a wonderfull educational training.