Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Awaited Grand Daughter

Our heartfelt congratulation, for TM Dr. Basheer Ahmed of New Tracks Toastmasters and his family members for the arrival of the awaited grand daughter.TM Nashreen AbdelRehman a Division PR Reporter contacted TM Basheer and congratulated him on behalf of our Division.
Highlighting his happiness TM Basheer stated that “having grandchild fills the heart with unmatched joy. Amina the baby’s name injected the family with an extra dosage of happiness in addition to her brother Yusuf. He elaborated I must  admit children are from heaven we ought to nurture, nourish and watch them bloom as the days pass by”.
We wish  TM Dr Basheer and his family members an eternal happiness and Amina a healthy life. Alf Mabrook Dr. Basheer.


  1. TM Dr Basheer your New Tracks team congratulate you for the arrival of Amina. Now Yusuf will have a company.

  2. Cuuuuteee Mashallah! Mabrook!