Saturday, September 8, 2012

Organizing Speech Contests Made Simple

On Friday 6th of September, the NTI building in Alkhuair embraced the first training and education initiative Division D has in store for its toastmasters’ members.  The workshop on organizing speech contest was facilitated  ACS/CL Girish Kumar  a seasoned toastmasters who has played many roles such as  VP Education, president, Area Governor and AG Education and Training. Such versatile experience was certainly reflected in the quality of the workshop.

The workshop facilitator Girish Kumar a member of both NTI Toastmasters and NTI Advanced Toastmasters stated that this workshop focused on enabling the participants to be abreast with the contest rules and all the things that should be planned for while a club team is planning and implementing its contests.

The workshop was attended by thirty nine participants from all the five areas. High lighting his feedback on the workshop TM Mahmood Ismail revealed that it was a very interactive session. It has included both seniors and juniors toastmasters.

On the other hand, TM Nanda Kumar the VP education of Elite Toastmasters one of the participants highlighted that the workshop was really useful and well conducted. The Facilitators used an interactive approach. The participants were divided into five groups, connection with the audience was ensured through questioning, quiz, and providing relevant links where they can get free information through Toastmasters international websites. It was a golden opportunity for even seniors to clarify their doubts.

As a byproduct,  the event was  a small get together where members from all the twenty one clubs touched base with each other during the break.

At the end of the session AG education and Training DTM Punn  tapped the shoulder of the facilitator for a job well done and thank the participants . He announced that the Division will embrace one training initiative per month strategy.

The workshop was concluded promptly on time.
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  1. Really a great learning session put together by TM Girish. Thank you Toastmasters

  2. M Ramesh, VP Ed, NTI AdvSeptember 15, 2012 at 12:10 PM

    Wonderful excercise, missed out on this one, intend to catch up in the future. Thank the participants and I am sure we can look forward for great contests in the future.

  3. Cool. In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm and in the real world all rests on perseverance - Goethe

    Congratulations for the conceivers and participants of the program. Also for Girish in particular for his perseverance and enthusiasm.