Saturday, September 8, 2012

Way to Go Area Governor Cyprian

The Evening of Tuesday 11th of September will pave the way for the birth of a new Toastmasters Club in Area 67, Area Governor CYPRIAN MISQUITH in a statement to the division blog stated that “ the birth of a new toastmasters club is like an enlightening torch. extending a helping hand for others to hone their communication and leadership skills is a duty of each toastmaster. The area governor indicated that the plan is to conduct a demonstration session for Ray International Company will be held in the company premises in Ghalla. Such a demo session will illustrate what skills are exhibited through a Toastmasters session.
TM Cyprian Misquith
Area Governor, Area 67

The Area Governor requested  his clubs team members to put utmost efforts to support the newly forged club which he hopes to register it by end of September 2012.

Well done Area 67 and Way to GO AG Cyprian … Kudos to your noble efforts. We hope all the areas will follow suites soon


  1. AG Cyprian "Congrats" you are deserved a round of applause for your untiring lead towards initiating and mentoring new club under your direct leadership which means you are truly committed with your vision. Wishing you all the best and urge you keep up the good work.
    Alexander ACS,CL.