Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Celebrating the Innovative Spectrum

18th of September 2012, was another memorable day at Saud Bahwan Toastmasters club. The session was specifically devoted to unveiling the 7th Issue of 'SPECTRUM' - the club newsletter of with its innovative new look. Shedding light on the club creative touch to reviving and strengthening the Spectrum brand the VP PR TM Saiju Victor Explained the significance of the new logo of Spectrum. He highlighted that the logo depicts the blue color in the left as the members of the club (blue being the corporate color of this corporate club).

On the other hand, the Spectrum of colors on the right end depicts the emergence of those members after going through the toastmaster sessions and having realized their hidden potentials, abilities and unique true colors.

DTM Harish Bilgiwas one of the Aces of SBG Toastmasters and TM Shyam Sankaran, the Club’s mentor were recognized and honored as the first two members who receives the new issue. The gestures of handing the copy was carried by of Saud Bahwan Toastmasters.TM Suith TS, a member of the editorial team of Spectrum

The colorful twenty pages Spectrum contains literary contributions from the club members, messages from the club office bearers, photo features, a book & movie reviews, club activities and current affairs.

Going through this newly launched issue of Spectrum reveals that it is innovative because it contains creative touches, wealth of information and being intelligently devoted for celebrating achievements and motivating members to unleash the giant within to realize the positive change toastmasters as a platform can introduce in their lives.

Hearty congratulation and kudos to the creative minds…..Team way to go ! highly appreciated efforts and a role modeling step to follow. Let us always move from great to super excellence. You certainly can do it.

Click here to read Issue 7 of Spectrum


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