Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Congratulating The Smiling Dad

Our heartfelt congratulation, for TM Rajan China of NTI Toastmasters and his wife for the arrival of the Crown prince, their first born baby boy. TM Bushra Ali a Division PR Reporter contacted TM Rajan and his wife and congratulated them on behalf of our Division. The mother revealed that “staring at my baby and watching him flash an innocent smile fills me with joy and affection”. The dad on the other hand shared his happiness with us and stated that the flood of calls, SMS and greetings filled them with joy.  Smilingly TM Rajan said as a matter of fact my parents are scheduled to arrive tonight to see their Grandson.   We wish the couple and their new born baby an eternal happiness and progressive life.



  1. Congratulation Rajan I am sure the crown prince will bring alot of happiness and noise around.