Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrating the Taste of Achievements

Those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance know that he is humble, simple and fun to be around. However, his humbleness did not deprive him the joy of nurturing a dream and aspires in a slow but steady manner to make it a tangible reality.
TM Dr. K Guru Raja Rao
Area Governor for area 64 TM.K.GURU RAJA RAO has added another feather to his cap. Recently he has been awarded a “Doctorate in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION” by an International University for his thesis titled “Succeeding in a Global Business Environment”.
 He attributes his success to his family and friends. He claims, their support was critical in reaching the milestone.  
He expresses his thanks to his professors for their Guidance and support. According to him challenges have to be faced anyway, so take on a tougher challenge and be proud of its achievement.
On behalf of the Division D toastmasters’ community we congratulate this leader par excellence for this marvelous accolade. We have no doubt that success is engraved as his middle initial so we wish  him continuous progress and we are sure that area 64 will progress  from great to super excellent. We are really proud of you AG Guru Raja.


  1. Congratulations to you Dr K Gururaja Rao for this achievement.
    It is no doubt a feather in your cap, but the lesson that i learnt is more important.
    You have taught me to that calmness and persisent hard work can sail me through turbulence and help me acheive the impossible.
    Thanks for being a wonderful husband.
    From your loving wife
    Latha Rao

  2. TM Dr K Gururaja Rao,
    Congratulations achieving succesfuly “Doctorate in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION” i along with ABC Club members stand together to wish you on this Mega news all the very best and Have a great feeling "Success achiever" great job well done.
    Alexander ABC Club