Saturday, September 29, 2012

Let Us Talk: Enhancing the Club's Learning Environment

Let Us Talk keeps up its reputation for bringing its readers innovative content. TM Saleh Al Khamyasi has facilitated a group discussion on the topic of "Enhancing the Club's Learning Environment". A topic which is very relevant to all the clubs in our division. The panel consisted of:

  • Dr. Rajan Philips, DTM.
  • TM G Kumar
  • ACB/CL Hemanth Bhaskaran
  • CC/CL M Ramesh
Their discussion with let us talk was so interesting, thought provoking and certainly eye opening and if these ideas are capitalized and made a reality at the various clubs in the division they will bring about creativity, variety and above all continuity of members and visits hailing from all corners of Muscat in search of the fruitful outcomes of toastmasters as an educational vehicle to achieve the desired personal development and growth.

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  1. kudos to all these leaders and their versatile and enriching ideas. These ideas can also abrdige the relations between the clubs and utilize the resources effectively.