Monday, December 24, 2012

Announcement from DTM Clita

Dear all 
 DTM Clita Veena Crasta
I regret to inform, due to unavoidable circumstances Our Year end Get together which is scheduled for 27th Dec.  is Postponed to 3rd Jan 2013 the venue is same  The AlFalaj  Pool deck 
An Evening with Camp Fire, Entertainment from all 5 areas for Hr. Games, dance and Music then for a lovely dinner.
Having it in Jan, we wish to have more people who are gone on vacation then come back and we will have more participation from all the areas.
The highest no of participants from an area registered before the 29th Dec (paid and confirmed) to the President Or Area Governor and names given to me Or TM Nantha kumar by above mentioned People will be given a spl. Prize to the club and to the Area Governor.
I hope you will support me and Participate whole heartily. I still require your support in getting the sponsorship and I hope you will help me.
Join as One Big family Toastmasters, Div D.
Wishing you all a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New year 
Clita Veena Crasta, DTM
VP Membership - DSTM Club
I. P. Area Governor - Area 67, Division: D, District: 20 
Chartered Member of Distinguished Speakers Toastmaster Club (DSTM)
Founder President of DSTM Club
Club: 1426419, Area: 64, Division: D, District: 20
Chartered Member, ABC Toastmasters Club
Club: 1353103, Area: 67, Division: D, District: 20
(GSM) +968 96254753


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