Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let Us Talk: Leading with Human Touch

The charming aspects of talking with ACB – ALB DR.K.GURU RAJA RAO is that you enjoy a pleasant and thought provoking conversation sprinkled with a deft touch of humor. His natural smile makes the prevailing situation conducive and set for a positive and supportive learning atmosphere. He has a unique style of connecting with people. Those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance know that he is humble, simple and fun to be around. However, his humbleness did not deprive him the joy of nurturing a dream and aspires in a slow but steady manner to make it a tangible reality. Recently he has added a new feather by being awarded a PhD in Business Administration.


Division PRO TM Saleh al Khamyasi engages Dr. Guru Raja Rao in an insightful interview which features in the weekly 'Let Us Talk' section of the blog.

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