Saturday, December 1, 2012

We Salute our Achieving Area Governors

The mesmerizing breeze of Muscat did not energize our soul to initiate a more productive Saturday but it has also brought us the news of triumph. Yes our Area Governors nailed their targets to bring home the glory. Our champions positioned the division where it belongs. Their hard work, consistent follow up and active encouragement has certainly empowered Division D to join the wagon of the elite group. Their frequent visits to their respective clubs made it possible to achieve 100% compliance in logging the Area Governor's club visit reports.

Division D Area Governors

Kudos to our leaders par excellence. We are really proud of you and pledge to put more efforts to stretch ourselves to showcase the real talents of Division D the home of the Dynamic Doers.

With her usual motivational touch the LG Marketing Subha Anupindi  congratulated the Division Governor and all the Area Governors for their Marvelous achievements and commendable go getter spirits. She stated that “Just before the clock struck 12:00 p.m. at WHQ in San Deigo, Division D joined the elite group. To cherish this memorable moment I want to say Alf  Mabrouk to Division Governor and all Area Governors &  in Division D for their Magic Touch.”
LG Marketing Subha Anupindi
Friends, Wow what a show! Let us narrate to the rest of the Divisions and districts that the best is yet to come. We at Division D can dream it, belief it and do it with a standing ovation.


  1. Great show leaders keep rolemodelling

    Rashid Said
    New Tracks Toastmasters


  2. Hi Saleh,

    Well written article...

    Thank you for your efforts



    Making it to the elite group is one achievement getting appreciation is also an chievement. You are making those achievements possible by highlighting them in the blog. It was well written and designed with wonderful expression. Keep it up and keep moving forward. warm regards.

  4. Our area governors have showcased their dedication to excellence. Division D has achieved 100% thanks to our five heroes, Robin, Gururaj, Mahmood, Cyprian and Dr. John.