Monday, December 3, 2012

Division D Club Officers Training

Division D is pleased to announce that it will be conducting the Club Officers Training on Friday, December 7, 2012. These training events have always been a forum where ideas are exhanged and the officers initiated into the various roles they perform within their club framework. Division D boasts of a vibrant and experienced Toastmaster community where the exchange of knowledge and ideas is the staple diet.

Please note the following:

There will be 7 training sessions, one for each Officer Role.
The sessions will be of 90 minutes each.
The sessions will commence from 3 PM at NTI, Al Khuwair
The training will be in English, conducted by senior Toastmasters.
All current club officers should attend the training. (A minimum of 4 officers per club must attend to qualify for DCP point).
The officer should attend the training for the position that he is currently holding in the club. eg: President attends President's training and VP Education attends VP Education training.
The training is not open to Non Current Club Officers.
There will be a token contribution of 1 Rials.

For any clarifications please feel free to contact ADG Ed and Trg, DTM Punn at email id :, or call # 9933 5418


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