Saturday, December 15, 2012

Areas Contests. The Gate to OTAC 2013

After the sensational second round of the club officers training and the accommodating OTAC  2013 presentation which made the door wide open for everyone who wishes to exhibit his or her talents in organizing an event of such magnitude, AG Education & Training DTM G.S. Punn revealed that the dates for the areas contests have been already set as highlighted below:

Area 67                      22 February, 2013
Area 6                        1st March, 2013

Area 64                       7th March, 2013
Area 4                         15th March, 2013
Area   65                      22 March, 2013

DTM Punn reiterated that Judges training will take place on the 11th of January 2013 and the rest of the preparation is in full swing. He stated that OTAC 2013 will certainly be an accommodating extravaganza where all those who want to be part of this annual procession are welcome and we will accommodate their expertise in the right committee to make their strengths shine and reflect their true capabilities. 

The aim is to showcase that together we can make a huge difference. Our Division has a diverse panorama of talents and if the members give themselves a chance such an opportunity will certainly enrich their experience. In the process all of us will focus on touch to transform and make toastmasters a feasible educational vehicle to empower people to own their personal development & growth.

DTM Punn highlighted that with the areas contests dates set aside, such stations will empower the winners to travel to  OTAC  and the gate will awaits the champions and celebrate their arrival to the finish line with flying colours.  OTAC will provide those champions a chance to orchestrate another epic of success. 

DTM concluded as the year is coming to an end I want to thank all those who made the first half a fruitful and rewarding experience. He wished the members and their family members a happy new year.


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  1. The nominations are open. Hurry up friends. Lets create history.