Monday, December 24, 2012

Ray Toastmasters Club: Great Going !!!

It is great to see a club chartered on the 30th of September 2012 have 5 speakers doing their project 2 for the next session. It is only because of the great dedication & motivation of the Mentors, TM Harwin and TM Jyothivas who have trained the members of Ray Toastmasters Club so well. TM Ahsan Jalal, the President and Sponsor of the Club is also a great leader for the club.
Keep up the good work !!!


  1. There are still many people - not making the best use of Toast Master - Not striking the right blow to make the best of it.

    Their motivational levels need support. Lets help them every day.
    Note : Toast masters session has become a daily talk somewhere - somehow - everyday in our RAY office.Thats a great news too.

    Good Luck Team. Keep Going.