Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ram’s Affinity to NTI Advanced Toastmasters

TM Ram Narayanan has sent us his feedback on an experience he enjoyed at NTI Advanced Toastmasters. No wonder the impact was so positive for TM Ram, this club is credited of having many DTMs and scores of seasoned toastmasters who are consistently raising the par and make sure that the club was born to last. They are positioning the club as a hub where you can see the change you want to be.  It is worth mentioning that this club meets every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month at NTI Building Alkhuwair from 7:30- 9:00 PM. In a telephone conversation with the club VP membership TM Girish Kumar revealed that this club welcomes all those who have finished CC and eager to take their experience to greater heights. All members are focused on creating that mutually supportive and positive learning environment. The formula at NTI advanced Toastmasters is a blend of thought provoking, innovation and humorous atmosphere. The club is initiating its New Year agenda with a session that will slip you off your feet and make you longing to join the wagon of such stars. It is scheduled on 14th of January 2013. Below is the attestation of TM Ram:

TM Ramu Narayan

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

three things happened yesterday evening:

1. I decided to buy an Amazone kindle (am sure many of you are already converts) and so much inspired to accept this form of e reading. The benefits are many: it is easy to carry,    you can store numerous titles of your interest, you can immediately check the meaning of a word, get synonyms and related words for them. Download instantly, no waiting period. Pay much less for knowledge, information and content. Easy to carry. No risk of loan-request from visitors.

2. I learned some communication techniques in handling a crisis by way of facing an hostile audience. Some disarming techniques.

3. An interesting analysis of how accidents happen, cost involved and what can effectively be done to minimize them or to contribute personally to educate the motorist community)

The point I am trying to make is: I had a pleasant experience of attending NTI toastmasters Advance club meeting and had the opportunity of listening to TM Gurbinder (KINDLE propagator ),  TM Girish (pacifier of hostile audience)  and TM Yasser (analyst, strategist for road safety)

Many years' learning of effective communication was at display by these experienced toastmasters.

 The two hours I spent was a good investment of time and a great learning opportunity as a Toastmaster, so as to be awed by effective evaluators and powerful table topics speakers.

I hope meetings of this genre happens often.




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